We at Printsports are a team of dynamic sportspersons and fanatics who believe that if not sports then nothing can make you more disciplined in life.

The eagerness you have and the sanguine you show to conquer a sports situation would never make you feel the same.

Like many other successful business ideas, Printsports was conceived over a few conclusions. The goal was to offer athletes, clubs, and sponsors a better way to order their dream sportswear.

Today, we all work together to provide each customer with an unmatched experience when creating their individual sports apparel.


Printsports uses ultimate fabric material to give you the most comfortable experience on the field. We use PMC (Polyester Mixed with Cotton) which is a lightweight breathable fabric. It is widely used in several sports including soccer, cricket, baseball, volleyball, field hockey, etc due to its shiny finish in sublimated jerseys and is also very comfortable in both warm and cold weather. Being stylish and comfortable both at the same time is one of the most desirable situations in sports. Printsports brings to you fully customized T-shirts cum jerseys to keep you dry during those rough games. These are good for both training days and tough game days. These are lightweight and breathable also with a super dry finish so that you can achieve optimum comfort and maximum game results.


Polyester and Cotton blend for the most comfortable experience on the filed


Polyester and Nylon blend for all the stretching needs during the workout


100% polyester dot, dot-knit and super poly fabric which is lightweight and breathable


100% natural cotton fiber for all your casual and corporate requirements


We profoundly excel in printing your thoughts and visualization on your sports and casualwear. Be it any sport or activewear, you can customize your apparel online using our powerful designing tool in our website in just a few clicks. And once you are done with the designing part you can order anytime, anywhere, and in any quantity. We deliver pan India with complete security and safe packaging.

Our skilled team of designers and manufacturers pick up your orders and put them on the real fabric through our exquisite printing and stitching facilities. Once the order is ready, our quality assurance team verifies the quality and matches them with the customer's order. The product then gets packaged and labelled to make them shipping ready.